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  • Our Philosophy

    Stand aside for a while and leave room for learning, observe carefully what children do, and then, if you have understood well, perhaps teaching will be different from before.

    Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Approach)

    About Us

    Hello, and welcome to the Pickled Pepper Productions Ltd website. Based in the UK, we are currently in the pre-production stages of the next fascinating children's series!

  • The Team

    Craig Reeves

    Director of Pickled Pepper Productions Ltd.

    Craig likes playing with shapes and new ideas. He is proficient in colouring in and can count to 10. He is also owner of Pickled Pepper Productions Ltd.


    Jeff Wixon

    Head of Creative Editing

    Jeff enjoys paper mache and numbers. He is also a highly skilled and talented editor with a wealth of experience in Children's TV.


    Emma Chilton

    Audio Department

    Emma enjoys pony rides and banging loud instruments. She also is a top quality sound recordist and musician.


    James Watton

    Audio Department

    Ye-Haw, James is the rootin' tootinist' music composer there is! and he is just that, one of the best.


    Adam fenwick


    Adam enjoys running around the garden in his dressing gown and posing for a pic. But is also a world class animator and VFX artist.


    Frazer Milton


    The years have been kind, and now Frazer can fully open his eyes. He is an animator and visual artist with many a childrens show under his belt.


    ICM Studios

    3D, VFX and WebDesign

    Pickled Pepper Productions works closely with:

    ICM Studios.


    Scribbled Cloud


    Pickled Pepper Productions works closely with:

    Scribbled Cloud.


    Mel Skellon

    2D illustrator & Artist

    Pickled Pepper Productions works closely with

    Mel Skellon.


    In House solicitors

    Our Legal Team

    Pickled Pepper Productions works closely with

    Toby Harper.



  • Our Work

    In Production

    Pickled Pepper Productions are please to annouce the launch of Moon Man Dan!

    To watch and share our online episode with your little ones, please visit:

    Moon Man Dan is a preschool children’s animation designed to make children laugh, learn and discover a world beyond our own..

    Moon Man Dan is the perfect bedtime story to share with your little ones before they drift off to sleep.

    Pickled Pepper Productions has a unique behind the scenes peak at the team and creation of Dan, found here:

    PickledPepper’s Picture Blog

    Pickled Pepper Productions & Moon Man Dan has been 100% funded by personal investment &good will. If you are a merchandiser, broadcaster or investor & can see potnetial in the continued success of our animation, please get in touch here.

  • Philosophy

    Here at Pickled Pepper we are just big kids and we make every effort to stay in touch with what made us happy all those years ago and it’s this philosophy that we draw on when researching how children behave and interact with each other in today’s modern world..

    The team have a vast knowledge of working within the children’s television production environment. Many having worked for the legendary, Ragdoll Productions. Most of us cut our teeth in this industry sector. Learning as we go and being inspired by the creation of characters and worlds.

    Pickled Pepper Productions always tests on children! We ensure that our content is suitable and enjoyed by our audience.

    The future isn’t just televsion. It is apps, interaction, games and multi-media entertainment - we have our finger on the pulse and ensure that our brands are compatible across varied media types.

  • Where are we?

    The Pickled Pepper Studios are based in a Top Secret Location. Just outside Stratford upon Avon.




    Please note, that it is our policy not to accept any unsolicited mail at this time. Please do not be offended if you have contacted us and not had a reply.

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